MQS Management System

A Revenue Sharing Model

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New Generation Advertising. FJ Pays The Customer (fjPTC) goes beyond the traditional paid to click advertising program.
Note: You must have a premium membership on to receive any incentive from this MQS Revenue Sharing program. You can request a free Verified Level 6 (VL6) premium membership just by completing 100 clicks and requesting a free 30 day upgrade. Alternatively you may purchase an upgrade for as low as $3.00 per month.

GrandBux is an integral part of the MQS Revenue Sharing program. When you join GrandBux using the provided link you will be added to team fjworld and your earning opportunity will go up based on your activity. FJ World Inc provides many easy to complete micro jobs on GrandBux that will help you cashout as quickly and as often as possible. Plus, FJ will be available to guide you on your online earning journey.
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